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Click on the map number or the map thumbnails below to download desired detailed maps.
The first 85 miles of the pioneers' route between Parowan and Escalante, Utah, which were over established roads, are not shown on this map. This map and the detailed maps below cover the most popular portions of the pioneers' route that required new road blazing by the Hole-in-the-Rock pioneers. Additional maps, including the path the pioneers followed over established roads to Escalante, will be posted in the future.

Map 1
Map 2
Map 3
Map 4
Hole-in-the-Rock trail highway Map
Escalante to Bluff, highway
reference map
Golden Satircase Map, Hole-in-the-Rock Map. Hole-in-the-Rock Trail Guide by Lamont Crabtree
Escalante to
Golden Satircase National Monument Map, Hole-in-the-Rock trail Map, Lake Powell Trail Giide, Lake Canyon Trail Guide, Cottonwood Canyon trail map, Hole-in-the-Rock trail guide by Lamont Crabtree
Lake Canyon to
Cottonwood Canyon
Hole-in-the-Rock Trail Guide and map of the San Juan Hill area by Lamont Crabtree
San Juan Wash /
San Juan Hill
The detailed maps are in a PDF document format. They can be viewed, printed, and/ or saved on your hard drive. Depending upon you internet speed, they may take a few moments to load. Some portions of the trail are extremely rugged. Please read and follow the accompanying guidelines and warnings.


When visiting the trail, please do your part to preserve it. It is the formal position of the Hole-in-the-Rock Foundation to identify, preserve, and protect the trail and its surrounding environment. We do not alter the trail or cut or chop trees/bushes to make it easier to retrace the trail and ask all visitors to do likewise. We also ask visitors to obey all BLM and Park Service guidelines pertaining to areas closed to motorized vehicles, the use of ATVs, rules pertaining to ground campfires, and other camping guidelines.



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Hole-in-the-Rock trail markers help to identify the original route of the pioneers. The markers' placement and design are stipulated in an agreement between the Hole-in-the-Rock Foundation and the BLM and National Park Service.