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Historical Information
Please add to our collection by sharing stories, journals, letters, historical documents, and other pertinent information pertaining to the Hole-in-the-Rock Expedition and Bluff’s first twenty years.    


Fort on the Fireing-Line
Fort on the Firing Line
Serialized Story of Bluff By Albert R. Lyman, 1945


Thales Haskell History
Haskell, Thales
Indian missionary, liaison , interpreter, friend and peacemaker assigned to the San Juan Mission


Sarah and Henry Holyoak Journey to Bluff and Highlights of their 
of Life in Bluff, Peak and Moab
Sarah and Henry Holyoak
Journey to Bluff & Highlights of their of Life in Bluff, Peak and Moab, Utah
By their son Henry John Holyoak.


San Juan County History
History of San Juan County
Comprehensive history of Bluff 1879-1917
By Albert R. Lyman, 1919


San Juan County Court Records
San Juan County Court Records
Transcript of San Juan County Court records
April 26, 1880 to
March 2, 1885


Jody's Journal
Jody’s Journal
The Writings Of Josephine Catherine Chatterley Wood


Platte D. Lyman Journal
Lyman, Platte D.
Asst Captain/President
A detailed (near day to day) account of the Hole-in-the-Rock journey
President of the European Mission


Smith, Silas S. Journal
Smith, Silas S.
Travel log of explorations and Hole-in-the-Rock journey

    Charles E. Walton Journal
Walton, Charles E.
Journey Clerk
Bluff School Teacher


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