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Site 11, Slick Rocks
The steep sloping sandstone cliff called Slick Rocks was the only path down from Gray Mesa. Here the pioneers blasted a series of switchbacks back and forth down the cliff face.

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Hole-in-the-Rock/River Gorge - winter conditions, Lamont Crabtree Photo
Gray Mesa/San Juan River
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Slick Rocks -- Aerial view of Slick Rocks, the pioneers' path down from Gray Mesa. Lamont Crabtree Photo
Slick Rocks Cliff/End of Gray Mesa
Slick Rocks -- One of the remarkable dugways/switchbacks blasted out of solid sandstone, Lamont Crabtree Photo
One of the switchbacks down Slick Rocks
Slick Rocks -- Another blasted out section of the Slick Rocks trail. Lamont Crabtree
Blasted path down Slick Rocks
Slick Rocks -- Blasted section of Slick Rocks. Lamont Crabtree Photo
Blasted section of Slick Rocks
Slick Rocks -- Pick marks still visible in several places on the Slick Rocks trail. Laurel Casjens Photo
Pick marks
Slick Rocks -- Remaining blasting hole on the Slick Rocks trail. Lamont Crabtree Photo
Blasting hole
Slick Rocks -- Chiseled path for a wagon wheel on a portion of the Slick Rocks trail, Laurel Casjens Photo
Cut in the sandstone to help secure wagons on the steep slope
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Friday, Feb. 20th, 1880. "…Here the bench terminates abruptly, and a rough broken valley full of sand and low reefs of Sandstone lays below us, and to reach it we will have to build a road ½ a mile down through the steep hills and little pockets in the rock which extends from the top to the very bottom."
Platte D. Lyman