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Site 8, Cottonwood Hill
Cottonwood Canyon was a box canyon, boxed in on three sides by steep sandstone cliffs. Construction of a path out of the canyon required a significant amount of blasting, much more than was required in the Hole-in-the-Rock. The pioneers named this section of their roadwork Cottonwood Hill. Cottonwood Hill was comprised of three major sections; The Sand Hill, The Dugway, and The Little Hole-in-the-Rock.

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Hole-in-the-Rock/River Gorge - winter conditions, Lamont Crabtree Photo
Cottonwood Hill
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The pioneers' path out of Cottonwood Canyon. Although not used as a road since 1881, the pioneer road is clearly visible. Lamont Crabtree Photo
Aerial Cottonwood Hill
Aerial view of Cottonwood Hill. The Dugway is in the center of the image. Lamont Crabtree Photo
Aerial Cottonwood Hill closer view
The beginning of the roadwork up Cottonwood Hill . Lamont Crabtree Photo
Beginning of climb out of Cottonwood Canyon
The Sand Hill, a steep climb and difficult pull for the pioneers' animals. Lamont Crabtree
The Sand Hill
A brief level stretch between the Sand Hill and the Dugway, portions of Cottonwood Hill. Lamont Crabtree
Trail between the Sand Hill and the Dugway
The Dugway -- Most of this section of the road up Cottonwood Hill was blasted out of the sandstone. Lamont Crabtree Photo
The Dugway
View from the top of the Dugway looking down from whence the pioneers came. Lamont Crabtree Photo
Looking down from the top of the Dugway
The upper portion of Cottonwood Hill called the Little Hole-in-the-Rock. Lamont Crabtre Photo
The Little Hole-in-the-Rock
Upper portion of Cottonwood Hill/Little Hole-in-the-Rock. Lamont Crabtree
Upper portion of the Little Hole-in-the-Rock
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Friday, Feb. 13th, 1880. "Have been busy during the past 3 days moving our wagons up the Cottonwood Hill where it took from 4 to 7 span of horses or the same number of oxen to move 1 wagon. The weather has been very cold and stormy a part of the time."
Platt D. Lyman