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Site 16, Dripping Springs Area
From Clay Hills, they turned northward to bypass Grand Gulch. Springs located at the head of tributary canyons leading into Grand Gulch, such as Cow Tank and Dripping Springs, were used as campsites. The terrain through this area was very rugged as their route dropped into and back out of the steep tributaries.

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Dripping Springs -- The space under the rock ledge is large enough to provide shelter for about ten people. Lamont Crabtree Photo
Dripping Springs
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Wednesday, March 10th, 1880. "Returned this evening from a 5 days trip with bros Sevy and Bryson looking for a road across what we call the Cedar Ridge extending 30 miles each way and nearly everywhere covered with a dense growth of cedar and pinion pine. We found gulches with perpendicular banks 1000 feet high running from the extreme north 30 miles into the San Juan on the south, but by going around the head of these we can make a passable road by following an old indian trail. There is plenty of grass and some water most of the way. Found that the brethren had nearly completed the road down the hill."
Platte D. Lyman