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Site 4, Dance Hall Rock and Forty Mile Spring
Dance Hall Rock is a natural amphitheater in an outcropping of sandstone. The pioneers used the amphitheater for dances and skits.  Nearby, Forty Mile Spring became a rendezvous point for the pioneers. Prior to reaching Forty Mile Spring, the pioneers traveled in small groups from their various hometowns.  It was from Forty Mile Spring that they sent out exploring expeditions, and it was here that they made the decision to continue on in spite of the rugged terrain.

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Hole-in-the-Rock/River Gorge - winter conditions, Lamont Crabtree Photo
Dance Hall Rock
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Dance Hall Rock, Lamont Crabtree Photo
Dance Hall Rock
Dance Hall Rock, Eugene Crabtree standing in its center. Lamont Crabtree Photo
Dance Hall Rock
Forty Mile Spring, northeast of Dance Hall Rock. Lamont Crabtree Photo
Forty Mile Spring
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Wednesday, Dec. 3d, 1879. "Drove back to camp much of the way in the rain which wet me to the skin. In the evening an informal meeting was held in bro Smiths tent when those who had been out reported the result of their explorations, after which on motion of bro Jens Neilsen sen it was resolved unanimously to sustain bro Smith in whatever course he thought best for us to pursue. Bro Smith then said he thought we ought to go ahead and all present expressed themselves willing to spend 3 or 4 months if necessary working on the road in order to get through…"
Platte D. Lyman

Thursday, December 4th, 1879. "Bro Smith called a meeting of the whole camp to take an expression of their feelings in order that bros Sckow & Collet may know what to report to those behind, when it was unanimously resolved to go to work on the road."
Platte D. Lyman