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Site 20, Forest Trail Skirts Around Owl Creek Canyon
Once around the head of Grand Gulch, the pioneers’ road turned south.  The road continued through thick junipers, skirted the deep canyon of Owl Creek and then headed east over a narrow neck of land which was surrounded by deep ravines.  

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Hole-in-the-Rock/River Gorge - winter conditions, Lamont Crabtree Photo
Forest terrain near Kane Gulch
Hole-in-the-Rock/River Gorge - winter conditions, Lamont Crabtree Photo
Narrow stretch of land between Owl Creek and Road Canyon


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Thursday, March 25th, 1880. "During the past 5 days we have worked on the road and moved our wagons along 13 miles over the worst muddy and snowy road we have had, the mud and snow being from 6 inches to 2 ft deep. We are still in the thick cedars and have lost a part of our horses through there being no feed nearby for them."
Platte D. Lyman